Modern Masculine Apartment


Scandinavian-Inspired Batchelor Pad

Although Pfeiffer Design specialise in high-end new-build interior architecture and whole home refurbishments, we are always happy to take on smaller projects, especially in terms of what’s referred to in the industry as FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment). Our lovely client approached us just as he was completing on his new seafront apartment, with the idea of furnishing and accessorising it from top to bottom. He was moving into a modern two-bedroom apartment from a large country home, and, realising that none of his existing furniture would fit in terms of style or scale, decided to leave it all behind, providing us with a totally blank canvas to work with.

Modern Masculine

When we begin working on a project, one of our first tasks is to get an idea of the client’s ideal aesthetic and style, often in the form of inspiration images they have saved and/or Pinterest boards. This particular client presented us with a completely monochromatic palette – totally minimal, Scandinavian-inspired and with very little scope for soft furnishings and personal touches.

The brief was to design a home that felt practical and functional, minimal and uncluttered without too many personal touches, allowing for a space that could be utilised as a holiday let/AirBnB should the client decide to travel for an extended period of time. Being a single man in the early years of retirement, he plans to travel extensively over the next few years and is incredibly busy with various outdoor hobbies and social activities, meaning he plans not to spend too much time at home – although it needed to be suitable for the odd dinner party and, in particular, for his daughter and grandson to visit frequently.

In our concept, we explored our client’s original ideas of achieving a minimal, fuss-free home, whilst adding in some feminine touches in the form of curtains and cushions, along with accessories such as plants, vases and candles. Our designs centred around high quality, yet affordable, pieces along with the addition of some key designer items, and quintessential Nordic brands to really elevate the scheme. The grey, blue and red colour palette added some life, whilst making sure that the apartment retained its masculine edge, without relying purely on monochrome. Soon after starting the design process, our client’s exceptional taste became apartment – allowing us the opportunity to really design without limits. Leaving the design up to us in the main, allowed us to achieve this modern, minimal sleek apartment – perfectly fit for purpose whilst also delivering that wow-factor.

The bones of this modern apartment were great – two great sized bedrooms, two bathrooms and a modern open-plan kitchen/living area along with a large balcony and tonnes of natural light and brightness, however it was desperately in need of softening and personalisation. We came up with a design incorporating a high-level breakfast bar, complete with Gubi bar stools, to break up the space between kitchen and living area. The second bedroom became a study with a luxurious super-king sized velvet sofa bed for the occasional guest, whilst the master suite became the ideal modern minimal bedroom – accessorised with midcentury inspired bedside tables, sleek Scandi lighting and completed by bespoke blackout-lined linen curtains for the best ever night’s sleep.

Starting from Scratch

Being able to approach a project head on without consideration of existing furniture, artwork or accessories is nothing short of a dream for our designers. Designing from the ground up allows us the opportunity to completely see our vision come to life without compromise.

We designed and specified every aspect of this exciting project, including:

Overseeing the decoration and choosing paint colours
Installation of new carpet throughout the bedrooms
Design and manufacture of bespoke furniture pieces including sofa, armchair, bed, ottoman and footstool
Design and manufacture of bespoke curtains
Design and manufacture of bespoke soft furnishings (cushions)
Specification and procurement of off-the-peg furniture items and accessories
Specification of artwork
Specification of decorative lighting
Specification and procurement of crockery, cutlery, placemats, vases, toaster, kettle, hangers etc.
Advice regarding TV/AV specification as well as small power electrics
Project management/troubleshooting and overseeing all deliveries / returns where necessary
On-site installation


"They even convinced me of the need for a few scatter cushions and candles. It all works perfectly together."

“Lesley is lovely, Amanda is lovely, and so to is Henny. Susie has her moments too.

They are also very professional, knowledgeable, creative, caring and enthusiastic …. they all talk to each other!

I was in business thirty years, and a managing director for fifteen of these. I could have counted the companies I feel gave exceptionally service during that time on one hand. I genuinely feel Pfeiffer Design would have topped this list, they are so really hard to fault.

Before finding Pfeiffer Design, I visited two well known stores and their design consultants and came away thinking their designs would be a quickly assembled selection of furniture available in their stores.

Pfeiffer Design on the other hand, arranged and managed everything, arranging the repainting of the entire apartment (it was originally a ghastly white), the re-carpeting of two rooms, the selection and procurement of beautiful curtains, rugs, furniture and lighting, they even suggested items to accessorise and convinced me of the need for a few scatter cushions and candles. It all works perfectly together.

If you want a proper job done speak to them, they have a pond and everything.”

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