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Designing From The Inside Out

At Pfeiffer Design, we know that a new build project is usually a blank canvas; an opportunity to create a unique and personalised space that reflects you, your personality and your requirements of what your home should be. Whether you’re building from the ground up or embarking on a major renovation, Pfeiffer Design has the expertise to bring your new build interior design vision to life. Our Comprehensive New Build Interior Architecture and Design service encompasses everything from the creative stage of layouts and concepts through to the detail design stages, tender procedure, on site construction process, and all the way down to your fixtures, fitting and furnishings. While it’s not always feasible, engaging our services early on in your project’s timeline can prove invaluable to the overall design and functionality of your home.



Within our team of specialist designers, we have a wealth of experience in new builds with particular emphasis on new build interior architecture and working to a budget. By engaging our services early on, you can be confident that every aspect of your design is carefully considered and fully integrated, resulting in a home that is as beautiful as it is functional. It may sound crazy, but to decide not only on room layouts, but also furniture positions and proportions, from the outset is vital to ensuring all power, lighting, joinery, finishes etc, are in the right positions and the spaces flow together seamlessly.

Imagine how annoying it would be if the beautiful pendant light that was intended to hang over your dining table, didn’t quite sit central. Infuriating! This is where Pfeiffer Design’s early engagement becomes essential. Our New Build Interior Design and Architecture package is as all-encompassing as you need it to be, and we collaborate closely with you and your professional team to add our expertise into every interior aspect of design and specification, from bathrooms to staircases, fireplaces to bespoke lighting design, and even integrated smart home control! Let us create a space that is truly outstanding for you with our New Build Interior Design and Architecture service.

Master Bedroom with Bespoke Upholstery and Joinery Work. Soft calming palette of pinks and neutrals.
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When To Engage Your Interior Designer

Getting the Most Out of Our Designers

The joys of working on a new build is that you’re starting completely from scratch – everything is customisable and changeable and nothing is set in stone. But when is the right time to start conversations with your interior designer?

Although it may not always be feasible, we highly recommend engaging our services at Pfeiffer Design as early as possible in your project. Ideally, we would be involved right from the beginning, when you start discussions with your architect.

Early engagement means that compromises or costly mistakes are not made.

What If We’ve Already Started With Our Architect?

It’s not a problem! The majority of our new build projects engage us prior to the commencement of building works, however, we are comfortable joining your project at any stage. Whether you are looking for our full interior design and architecture package or purely home furnishing at the end of your project, we are on-hand at any stage to help get you to where you want to be.


Family Dining Table with wave headed bespoke curtains, reclaimed timber dining table, and wishbone dining chairs with bespoke washable cushion pads.

When To Engage Your Interior Designer

At Pfeiffer Design, we pride ourselves on our ability to push boundaries and create designs that are truly exceptional. By working closely with your architects from the outset, we can explore innovative ideas and consider unique design statements that will make your home stand out.

Why we want to be engaged early?

Our design creativity can make a significant impact when given the opportunity for forethought and planning. While your architect often has their own style and ideas about the design of your home, at Pfeiffer Design we focus on functionality and tailoring beautiful design specifically to you and how you will be using your home. Simply put, engaging us early enables us to touch more of your home, extending the designers reach into the usability and versatility of your home.

What are the benefits of engaging Pfeiffer Design early?

By working alongside your architects from the outset, we can collaborate to create a truly exceptional design that pushes the boundaries and takes account of any potential design statements available. We consider the size and orientation of rooms, windows, and doors, the placement of large fixed elements, such as bespoke joinery, stonework or metalwork, architectural lighting and electrical design as well as any other internal architectural features you may require.

Another benefit of early engagement with Pfeiffer Design is that there is time to get your interior tender packages fully fleshed out prior to going out to tender. This creates an ideal situation for the tender process. With every contractor receiving the same scope of works and high-end specifications, they can all price to the same standards, giving you a level playing field to decide on the right contractor for you.

Conclusively, the benefits of contacting us early are vast; We can look at beautiful and unexpected architectural design elements, tailoring the details of the design to fit perfectly around you as well as preparing a more in-depth scope of works for your tender process, the ultimate goal of which is to create a design that is both visually stunning and highly functional, with a seamless building process.




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