Cricket Enthusiasts Apartment

Hove, Sussex

A Sports-Centric Haven for a Cricket Loving Family

Overlooking the iconic Sussex County Cricket Ground in the heart of Hove, Pfeiffer Design executed a comprehensive restructuring of this holiday home apartment through our internal layout alteration services. With the adept hands of our in-house construction team, the apartment’s confined corridors were opened up and reimagined into a bright and homely retreat, providing the perfect blend of relaxation and exclusivity for viewing the cricket below.

By unifying the communal rooms of the property, we created a large, open plan concept ideal for accommodating this family of five, integrating kitchen, living, dining & cricket viewing functionalities. Our design solutions were meticulously tailored to exploit all available space, enhancing this family’s life and allowing for a seamlessly functional holiday experience every time they stepped through the door.


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From Pitch to Sofa

Your Passion at the Heart of Our Design

At Pfeiffer Design, our focus extends beyond aesthetics; our client-centred approach, coupled with technical expertise, creates collaborative design that meets all your needs. We consider your lifestyle, family, pets, hobbies, and anything else, crafting exceptional designs with tailored functionality.

For this cricket-loving family of five, it was crucial to consider the unparalleled views of the grounds in their design. Through meticulous spatial planning, we optimised their layout seamlessly combining a spacious raised viewing platform and bespoke sofa with extra leg height, perfect for match-day viewing. Clever design elements, including a roll-away dining table and dual-aspect media unit, maximised versatility without infringing on the spaciousness of this open-plan concept. We even managed to squeeze in a bespoke bar complete with integrated lighting and electrics!

If you’re looking to design for a hobby or need help planning for a tight space, Pfeiffer Design offers a personalised approach to interior design. Tell us about your favourite activity, a treasured heirloom or a cherished piece of art and we’ll use it to spark design, infusing your personality into every nook and cranny.

Design and Build

Start to Finish Refurbishment Solutions

Pfeiffer Design’s in-house construction team led the comprehensive restructuring of this cricket-themed apartment, showcasing an exceptional level of precision through detailed planning and direct lines of communication.

In collaboration with our expert designers, our construction specialists managed, costed and fully implemented the design, stripping back a dark, corridor-laden apartment to reveal an inviting holiday retreat. From the creation of additional bathrooms, to getting that curved step just right on the viewing platform, our commitment to ensuring rigorous adhesion to the final design was evident throughout this thrilling design and build process.

Given our clients’ remote location, regular site attendance was not feasible. Entrusting us with their budget and space, Pfeiffer Design meticulously tracked and managed every expense, ensuring all elements – from construction to furniture – were delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Our diligent budget management and costing practices allowed us to fulfil the project requirements efficiently, meeting both the deadline and financial expectations set by our clients.

Holiday Home Design

Hotel-Inspired Design for your Pied-A-Terre

Holiday homes, often constrained by limited space, can pose a creative challenge for integrating aesthetic design. The key lies in maximising every inch to accommodate any desired comforts and essential functionalities within these confined areas.

For this family, well-versed in the nuances of great hotel design, our task was clear: deliver all the sleek and luxurious amenities of hotel-living within the constraints of their tight apartment. Drawing inspiration from their affinity for blues and contemporary aesthetics, we curated an all-inclusive vacation property, ensuring a seamless experience whenever they arrived. From flush wet-room showers with niche lighting, to fully integrated custom headboards, this holiday home exuded the opulence of a five-star stay in luxury.

Inspired by clean lines and utility, our personalised design process was implemented in each space with holistic oversight, allowing the design to feel considered and flow throughout. Centred around maximising breathing room, we employed impeccable spatial planning and meticulous attention to detail, incorporating custom-built media units and versatile dining spaces that disappear into kitchen units. Each room of this apartment refurbishment embraced purposeful design, offering the desired blend of style and functionality for this family’s holiday home aspirations.



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