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From second home apartments, which function for purpose, to contemporary bachelor pads with seaside views, Pfeiffer Design has worked with the whole range of clients to produce their dream space in a small package. High-end interior design for apartments is not just about designing a functional living space; it’s about creating a work of art that is as unique and individual as its owner and reflects your personality, style and tastes.

Managing the challenges of working within the restrictions of these more compact spaces, including odd dimensions and historic building challenges, Pfeiffer Design’s wealth of experience will help get you from concept to completion, with a stunning end result. Optimisation of the available space is key and our team of expert designers will work on concepts and layouts which enhance the natural features of the home. From custom furniture and cabinetry to carefully selected artwork and décor, every element of our designs are thoughtfully chosen to create a harmonious living space that is as functional as it is beautiful. We can work with you in person or via an online interior design consultation. Let us elevate your apartment to a new level of sophistication and style with our apartment interior design services.

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What to Consider

Creative Solutions to Adapt and Overcome

At Pfeiffer Design, we offer a holistic approach to high-end interior design for apartments, taking into account everything from the space to the light to the exterior. We understand that all too often apartments come with limitations, such as space constraints, building codes and regulations as well as structural restrictions. We work closely with our clients to develop a design that meets their needs and reflects their personal style, all while providing creative solutions to adapt and overcome. Here’s what we consider:

Spatial Planning

One of the most important aspects to our Apartment Interior Design Service. We look at the existing spatial resource and optimise it, accounting for any fixed elements as well as the client’s preferences. Our concept and layout process is run concurrently and we take a full brief from the client prior to commencement. 

Fixed Elements

At Pfeiffer Design, we have a whole host of fixed options to optimise the space, from bespoke joinery and metalwork to bespoke furniture, we can create anything to fit any space. Our range of fixed options spans everything from fixed storage solutions to odd dimension sofas to a full kitchen installation, all perfectly tailored to the requirements of your space.

Lighting Design

The most underrated aspect of any interior design scheme in our opinion. The perfect lighting concept can completely transform your space, tailoring the homes functionality to precisely what you need, when you need it. At Pfeiffer Design, our lighting design specialists create layered schemes incorporating everything from task to accent to ambient lighting and all in a functional, flexible and energy-efficient package.

Home Furnishing

With all the hard lines and sharp angles that apartment architecture can conjure up, creating an inviting and comfortable environment is key to delivering a successful interior design scheme. Our wide range of furnishing options inclusive of bespoke furniture, upholstery and re-upholstery options, bespoke window treatments and bespoke soft furnishings can elevate the space adding warmth, personality, texture and depth.

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urban contemporary bespoke curved sofa upholstered by our trusted upholsterers in neutral tones and natural materials
London Luxury Apartment Living Room with Black and Glass Panelled Room Divider