Contemporary Urban Apartment

Royal Tunbridge Wells

A welcome solace from the hustle of the outside world

Designed as a second home for our Portugal-based clients, this initially uninspiring ‘white box’ apartment had all the essential ‘lock up and go’ features that made for an ideal UK base to visit friends and family. However, the generic ‘one-size fits all’ interiors felt impersonal, and didn’t do our client’s sparkling personalities justice. 

Recognising the need to create somewhere truly special, this project began with our extensive Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) service, but then evolved to incorporate bespoke joinery, upholstery, soft furnishings and a new decoration schedule. Through Pfeiffer Design’s tailored Home Furnishing service, we endeavoured to infuse every space with uniqueness, authentically representing the individuality of our amazing clients.

Holiday Apartments

Your home away from home, vacation property, pied-a-terre...

Whatever you want to call it, these spaces are well known for being testing to integrate aesthetic design. Notoriously small in nature, optimisation of your available space is completely key to ensuring that your homely comforts and essential amenities are both available, and coexist beautifully within the limited area.

This is precisely where Pfeiffer Design’s extensive expertise in holiday homes shines through, and we bring our wealth of experience in curating spaces that are both exquisitely practical and aesthetically pleasing, to every project.

For these clients and this property, impeccable spatial planning and meticulous attention to detail were defining factors in transforming their main communal areas. Through ingenious design, we seamlessly integrated a cosy living space with bespoke built-in media unit, a sleek dining space, as well as a stylish breakfast bar for the kitchen.

In fact, every key room within the apartment, from the open plan kitchen-living-dining room to the principal bedroom and home office, benefited from in-built storage solutions, offering the dual purposes of maximised space and storage convenience.

This thoughtful arrangement ensured that despite its compact size, the home maintained an uninterrupted flow, allowing our clients to seamlessly transition from home to away.

Adding Texture

Pinpointing focus with Design

An aesthetic scheme is all about contrast. Whether that’s colour, texture, pattern or material finishes, disparity creates interest and the right design will draw your eye around the room, pinpointing focus where it matters the most. 

For this white-walled apartment, we chose to indulge texture, and each room was thoughtfully designed to create a rich tapestry of surfaces and interest, considering the overall flow and balance of the scheme with every decision. Inspired by the property’s organic exterior, we incorporated cutting edge textured wallpapers, ribbed joinery walls and an abundance of natural bouclés and linens into the scheme, adding depth but also softness to every space. 

From the woven grassy textures of the hallway to the botanical 3D roping and fluted joinery in the principal bedroom, each room felt special, cultivated and meticulously considered, while also offering symbiosis and flow throughout the home.

And to top it all off, these beautiful textured wallpapers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional wallcoverings like wood, concrete, linen or panelling. Unlike these permanent installations, textured wallpapers provide freedom to experiment and update your space over time without any of the long-term commitments.

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