Passion. Integrity. Value.

I founded Pfeiffer Design on a clear business and design vision: more than 20 years on, it still underpins every project my team and I undertake. It’s based on three simple but powerful principles…


We share a PASSION for generating ideas and clever solutions, creating interior designs that meet your exact requirements – and far exceed your expectations

We’ve built our reputation for INTEGRITY on our reliability, transparency and friendly, professional approach. We understand the importance of communication and keeping you informed: we encourage you to talk to any member of our team, about any aspect of your project, whenever you wish.

We offer real VALUE through our proven, cost-effective design process, which ensures your project runs on time and on budget from start to finish. You’ll also benefit from savings we can make under our purchasing relationships with trusted trades and product suppliers.

We know how much your project means to you; we also believe that having a bespoke interior designed for you is one of life’s great pleasures. Our aim is to make the whole experience simple, seamless, stress-free – and above all, fun.

Susie Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer Design on TV

In this edition of Latest Homes Live, Susie Pfeiffer shows presenters Simone Thorogood and Andrew Bullock round her beautiful home, which she designed and decorated herself. She explains how she married the renovated flint barn and its French architectural-salvage pieces with the modern extension; she also describes key design elements such as layered indoor lighting and hard landscaping, and sustainable features like the ground-source heat pump that provides underfloor heating, and photovoltaic cells that generate electricity. Talking about her work, Susie highlights the importance of building relationships, and understanding how clients want to live.

"The working relationship was warm and the team were always available to discuss our own ideas and provide a sounding board"

Mike Fitzgerald