Our Design Process

A proven formula for a successful project

Over the years, we’ve developed a standard process we apply to every interior design project. We always follow the same steps, in the same order, but the time required for each will depend on your particular circumstances. We charge a fixed fee, but it’s broken down over the various stages, helping you to manage your budget more easily; it also allows you to commission individual services on a standalone basis.


    This first stage is incredibly important in the direction – and budget – for the entire project, so we always recommend meeting in person if possible. We’ll take a brief, which can be as loose or as detailed as you wish; we’ll then prepare an itemised overall cost and individual fee for each stage of your project. As part of this initial consultation, you’re encouraged to visit our studio to see our design principles and finish standards for yourself.


    As the title suggests, we’ll take detailed measurements of your home, room or workplace, then produce a complete set of drawings; although we’re not architects ourselves, they’ll be created in CAD to full architectural standards. We’ll use them as a basis for our design, and to ensure its technical feasibility. You’ll also have your own copy to keep. If you already have architectural drawings, we can skip this part and work from them instead.


    For most clients, this is where the fun and excitement really begin, as we develop the overall vision for your new interior. We’ll create a series of mood boards, incorporating images, textures, colours and other ideas, for each room, to present our thinking. We’ll also prepare layouts showing how each room will work, as well as look. The aim at this stage is to set the scene, give you options to consider, and provide the information and advice you need to make confident, informed decisions with an overall goal in mind.

    You can see examples of our concepts in our Journal.

  • Detail Design Stage

    Once you’ve decided on your concept, we need to translate it into a formal design proposal. This is when you’ll decide on specific products, materials, colours, finishes, brands and manufacturers; it’s also a chance to revisit elements of the original concept if you wish. We’ll then produce detailed technical drawings and packages for the relevant trades – a professional instruction manual for your desired result.

  • Tender Stage

    We can bring in all the necessary trades, contractors and craftsmen to put our design plan into effect, and provide a full cost breakdown. However, you’re free to hire your own contractors if you wish, in which case we’ll be happy to provide specifications and schedules for them to price up for you.

  • Project Management During Construction

    Your project means as much to us as it does to you, so we’ll remain closely involved throughout the works phase. We’re not foremen, and we don’t have a site office, but we’ll make frequent visits, and we’ll always be available to answer questions and queries, check drawings and specifications, resolve issues and generally keep tabs on things so you don’t have to.

  • Organisation, procurement & installation of fixtures, fittings and equipment

    It’s likely that your interior design will incorporate some specialist items, products or finishes. We can obtain them for you, so you can be confident they’re exactly the right specification, and bring in trusted experts to ensure they’re fitted correctly, and to the required standard.