We apply our creativity and experience to bring your vision to life

You know what you want your home to be and say about you. Our job is to take your vision, whether it’s just a vague notion or a fully-formed idea, and make it possible through our design expertise, creativity and experience. Our principal expertise is in whole-home refurbishment, and new-build interior architecture, design projects, extensions & open plan kitchen design. But we’re also happy to take on smaller projects, including individual rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms with a particularly challenging, intriguing or unusual dimensions.

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Home Furnishing

We offer home furnishing projects for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) that put our professional interior design expertise firmly within the reach of smaller budgets and shorter timeframes where no structural work is required. With Pfeiffer Design on board, no-one has to miss out on the home they want.

Bespoke Furniture

Imagine having a home that feels exactly right. Our handcrafted, custom-built furniture is beautifully made just for you, reflecting your personality and the style and concept of your home. From dining chairs and sofas to beds and headboards, why buy from the high street when you can go bespoke?

Bespoke Lighting

Lighting adds warmth, creates interest, texture and depth in your interiors. The right lighting design can change the way a room looks and feels and even make it appear bigger than it is! Let us create a contemporary bespoke lighting design for your home that is as enriching as it is energy efficient.

Landscape Design

Connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a coherent design scheme that flows through your entire home. We can build garden spaces that make you feel happy, whether you love al fresco entertaining or quiet relaxation. Or maybe you need a space to play, grow vegetables or build a home office.

Living Room

You know what you want your home to be and the story it should tell. Make a statement in your living room and let us bring your vision to life. Using our passion and creativity, design expertise and experience, we deliver exactly what you want, surpassing your expectations.


Your kitchen is so much more than the heart of the home. As a multifunctional living space that is as individual as you are, we can transform your kitchen space into a sensual experience of form and function through conceptual design, materials and craftsmanship.


Open plan layouts are replacing formal dining rooms with kitchen/diners as the social hub of our homes. Let us show you how to open up existing spaces or design an extension to truly enhance your home, and complete the transformation with beautifully made bespoke dining furniture.


A comforting space to relax, unwind and recharge – your bedroom should be your favourite place in the home. Our bespoke designs add unique personal colour and style touches, bespoke beds and headboards and clever storage solutions, whether you are looking for a luxury boudoir or a fun kids’ room.


Your home’s inner sanctum should be a haven of tranquillity and relaxation, but a bathroom must also deliver on functionality and practicality. Our designs include innovative storage solutions, luxury sanitary ware and materials to create a unique look and feel that makes the most of the space.

Our proven design process

Considered, creative and transparent, every step of the way

While our work is highly creative, it also requires careful planning, management and attention to detail to translate a design into a finished interior. Over the years we have been involved in refurbishing and renovating a variety of different homes, from period properties and barn conversions, we’ve evolved a process that moves your project from concept to completion in stages, so you always know exactly where you are (and what you’re paying for) and what’s coming next.

Practical and beautiful living spaces

Practical and beautiful living spaces

Interiors that meet your exact needs and requirements

Maybe you want an interior that makes a strong style statement. A warm, inviting setting for entertaining. A peaceful retreat from a busy world. A versatile space built for the rough and tumble of family life. Or perhaps all of the above; or none. Whatever you have in mind for your home, we have the inhouse creative and technical expertise to deliver exactly what you want, and surpass your expectations.