Sussex Countryside Development

Lewes, East Sussex

A Boutique Development with Individual Style

Collaborating with a local property developer, Pfeiffer Design brought our award-winning comprehensive Show Home Interior Design package to life for this boutique housing development, comprising just 10 homes. Nestled in the serene countryside of Lewes, East Sussex, our involvement encompassed everything from specification and procurement all the way down to final installation.

With individual charm and distinctive architecture, our show home design necessitated fluidity and adaptability to seamlessly translate the intent between the selection of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom detached and semi-detached houses. Each property posed a subtle combination between traditional styles and contemporary design, reflecting the exterior architecture, and our interior design package was conscientiously tailored to entice prospective buyers while always maintaining a consideration for sustainability and budget allocation. Contact us today and find out how Pfeiffer Design can help you get that big step closer to an all important sale!

Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Master Bedroom Interior Design


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Lounge Interior Design for Show Homes, Property Developers and Development Properties in Sussex
Staircase and Hallway Interior Design for Show Homes, Property Developers and Development Properties In Sussex
Interior Styling and Design for Show Homes, Property Developers and Development Properties in Sussex

Strategic Specification

Budget-Conscious and Beautiful in One Package

Covering all aspects of interior architecture, Pfeiffer Design delivered a complete and meticulous specification service. Following our tried and tested design process, this bespoke development incorporated everything from initial concepts and layouts with precise spatial planning, extending our expertise to the final specification of all essential elements to the build including:

Kitchen Specification and Installation;

Bathroom Sanitary Ware and Tiling Layouts;

• Flooring Choices;

• Colour Palettes and Wall Treatments;

Full Lighting Design Package;

• Full Electrical Plans;

• Door Schedules;

• Bespoke Joinery Package;

• As well as Ironmongery.

Our budget-focused approach ensured the architectural elements were seamlessly implemented, paying careful attention to the diverse needs of both the smaller and larger homes within this unique new build development. Our specification process is thoughtfully costed at every step, with strict schedules of work and allocation, ensuring unwavering adherence to our developer’s budgetary constraints and allotted timelines at every stage.

Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Kitchen Interior Architecture and Design Specification
Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Row of Houses

Award-Winning Developments

The Sussex Heritage Award for Mid Scale Residential

Pfeiffer Design proudly adds another accolade to its portfolio!

We’ve successfully secured the Sussex Heritage Award in the Mid Scale Residential category, celebrating our outstanding contribution to this one-of-a-kind new build development nestled in the Ouse Valley of Sussex. This recognition stands as a testament to our successful collaboration with the developer and architect, highlighting the development’s exceptional contributions to the local economy and its dedication to providing ecologically and environmentally sustainable housing for the region.


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Lighting and Electrical Design

Illuminating & Electrifying Your Development

Pfeiffer Design’s extensive Lighting Design and Electrical Package played a pivotal role in all ten homes within this unique development. Our experienced lighting design specialists crafted dynamic yet budget-conscious designs tailored to the various home sizes, ensuring the ideal illumination for potential buyers to envision their lives within these spaces.

Our electrical designs encompassed a wide range of features, including air source heat pump circuitry, underfloor heating manifolds, heated towel rails, shaver sockets, WIFI access and data points, temperature thermostats, smoke detection systems, standard sockets, and lighting controls, and our comprehensive electrical plans are completely adaptable to meet the specific needs of your development and can additionally include Smart Home automation, CCTV and much more.

The significance of lighting design was paramount on this development, with our expertise spanning both interior and exterior lighting solutions. Our all-encompassing exterior lighting package transformed the development from the outside, providing not only potential buyers but also passersby and onlookers with a mesmerising view of the project in all its glory.

Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Bathroom and Sanitary Ware Specification
Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Open plan dining room interior design

Our Sustainable Approach

Your Ethos, Our Commitment

Our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility took centre stage during our employment on this project. Aligned with the developer’s ethos surrounding eco-conscious construction, each property of the development was meticulously crafted with sustainability at its core. From the selection of finishes to the choice of furniture, every detail was infused with considerations for heat retention and energy efficiency taking account of environmental impact at every turn.

Our client’s dedication to insulation and energy-saving specifications was complemented by Pfeiffer Design’s wealth of experience in sustainable home technology and practices, offering invaluable support in the design and creation of this eco-friendly neighbourhood. We additionally prioritised locally sourced materials and products to minimise the carbon footprint of the build, drawing from our extensive network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Read more about our accomplished Sustainability Efforts here or reach out today to find out how our award winning services for property developers can support your development.


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Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Childs Bedroom Design
Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Unfurnished before shot
Property Development in East Sussex, Lewes. Master Bedroom Design

Developer's Testimonial

“Pfeiffer Design worked tirelessly with us to design, supply, fit and install for a development of 10 houses in Sussex, helping us hone how our potential buyers will feel and be able to see themselves living in the properties. We worked closely with the Pfeiffer Design team on the full specification of the homes as well as both interior and exterior lighting design, in-depth electrical layouts as well as final finishes, for all all ten houses.

Having worked with them before on other projects, we knew that the quality would be above and beyond, however with this latest development, we had a strong focus on sustainability and it was fantastic to see the Pfeiffer Design team were excited and pro-active to make our sustainable ethos come to life.

Additionally, it is worth noting that they delivered the project under budget and perfectly within the timeline, all with their infallible attention to detail and level of quality.

Overall, a very successful project with Pfeiffer Design and stands as a testament of their commitment to every project. Our trust with them continues to grow and we know we will be employing them again in future.”

– Lavender Homes

Render of property development street in Sussex - row of 10 houses with driveways and each with different interior design and architecture

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