New-Build Family Home

Cobham, Surrey

Cosy, Modern and Bright Countryside Living

Situated in a sought-after-area of Surrey, this new-build property, set in a gated development, was bought by our clients in a reasonable standard but needed a big injection of personality, colour and life to set it apart and bring excitement to this young family’s everyday life. Working closely with our clients to capture everything they loved about interiors, Pfeiffer Design engaged our full FF&E (Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment) package for this fun update to an “off-the-peg” home. Inclusive of everything from Joinery to Upholstery, this Home Furnishing project took full advantage of the turnkey design services we have to offer.

With excellent amenities and proximity to London transport links, the property was evidently going to be the family’s home for a long time to come, and so it was extremely important that well-designed and functional spaces were achieved that would be both practical and beautiful for many years to come. When discussing the client’s aspirations, they specified modern, warm and bright with a contemporary twist and splashes of colour, but were keen to retain family friendly finishes to maintain the look with small children in the house.

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Designing for Sticky Fingers

Style covered in Substances!

That feeling of complete dread as your toddler plasters peanut butter across your freshly painted and pristine new home – this is what we wanted to avoid at all costs. And while Pfeiffer Design can’t guarantee your little monsters won’t run amuck, we can provide preventive measures to give your home longevity even with young children in the house.

We specified wipeable, washable, and easy-clean options for this family home wherever possible, which formed a large part of our design brief from the start. Our clients were particularly concerned with the kitchen and dining area, being that this was where the family would ultimately spend most of their time together. Our considerations ensured that the style and design of the space wasn’t compromised for practicality and Pfeiffer Design was able to create this dynamic family-friendly space encompassing quartz worktops, practical porcelain floor tiles, a reclaimed timber dining table and even bespoke washable cushion pads to protect the Carl Hansen Wishbone dining chairs.

Talk to one of our expert team today about designing with your family in mind. Our process allows our clients to sit back and let the mess happen, knowing full well that it will all come out in the wash!

Family Dining Table with wave headed bespoke curtains, reclaimed timber dining table, and wishbone dining chairs with bespoke washable cushion pads.
Custom Artwork specified by Pfeiffer Design including colours and design

Phasing for Family Life

Allowing Our Clients to Continue their Lives

The family had just moved into this sizeable property when they engaged Pfeiffer Design, and as such, it was important to them that the refurbishment works were undertaken in phases to avoid the property becoming unliveable at any stage throughout the design and implementation process. It was imperative that Pfeiffer Design act with the utmost efficiency in order to deliver excellence whilst not disrupting the family’s day-to-day life, especially considering both clients were working from home and home-schooling throughout much of the project.

Phasing the Principal Bedroom and Sitting Room initially, the family was able to continue their lives amid renovations, before moving onto the communal spaces.  This included the open-plan Kitchen Dining Area, Guest Bedroom and Ensuite, as well as the Hallway, Stairs and Landings of the property. The result was that, with a couple of well-placed holidays, the family were able to continue living in the property throughout the entire refurbishment process.


Bespoke Cornices

Anything Can Be Bespoke!

While the home is a new build, the property was constructed to a period style both externally and internally. Inclusive of traditional cornices, architraves and skirting, the original interior space required careful consideration to ensure these features were retained, and even amplified, within the new design. But we quickly came to a hurdle when we started discussing bespoke joinery as these beautiful cornices and skirtings would be lost behind any high-level units. However, Pfeiffer Design had a plan!

By carefully removing a piece of the cornice and sending it off to be moulded, we were able to fully replicate the style of the existing details. These were then able to be added back into the kitchen and sitting room areas to surround the new bespoke, high-level joinery pieces, bringing back a sense of grandeur to this newly developed home.

To further enhance the traditional aesthetic of the home, our team suggested adding paneling to the walls. We believed that this feature would not only add depth and texture to the space but also complement the existing architecture and create a sense of warmth and intimacy. With careful planning and execution, we were able to install the paneling seamlessly, ensuring that it elevated the home’s design while remaining true to its period style. The end result was a sophisticated family home that perfectly blended old-world charm with modern comfort and convenience.

We were thrilled to work on this project and delighted with the outcome. At Pfeiffer Design, we believe that every home has its unique story, and we are committed to helping our clients tell theirs through thoughtful and inspired design. Contact us today to find out more about what Pfeiffer Design can offer your home.

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