Extending your living space outdoors

How the space around your home looks, feels and connects with the space within is a crucial, but too often overlooked, element of your interior design. So at Pfeiffer Design, we always consider your outdoor surroundings as an integral part of your overall design concept. Depending on your needs and site, we can create a space in which to relax, entertain, play games, grow food and flowers, or add a separate studio or home office.

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Transforming outside spaces

Comfortable, contemporary outdoor living

Treating your outdoor spaces as rooms in their own right gives you licence to introduce a few indoor comforts, too. Proper lighting makes an enormous difference to both the feel and function of an outdoor area: we can create a complete external lighting design to suit your space and requirements, then manage the entire installation process with our trusted builders and electricians. We also work with trusted suppliers of everything from planting, fencing and furniture to sculpture, water features and swimming pools to create your perfect outdoor environment.