Commercial & Residential Lighting Design

Adding warmth, interest, texture and depth to your interior

Lighting is fundamental to your interior design, affecting the overall look, ambience, functionality, and even the perceived size of a room. As lighting design specialists, our lighting consultants and designers will create a layered design incorporating task, accent and ambient lighting that’s flexible, energy-efficient and easy to live with, providing perfect illumination whatever the season and time of day. We’ll also produce technical specifications and small-power layouts for sockets, switches and other electrical equipment.

Atmospheric lighting

Technology and expertise to create the perfect mood

It’s well-known that lighting adds atmosphere to a room; what’s less appreciated is the interplay between lighting and the room layout, architectural features, furniture placement and other elements. In our lighting designs, we use new technologies and proven techniques, such as dimmable LED lighting, to produce the shadows and contrasts that lend drama and intrigue to the space. We can also advise on energy-efficient lighting and electrical layouts, and work with electricians onsite to ensure everything is perfect. As well as tackling indoor lighting design, we are also landscape lighting designers – experts in bringing your landscaped or courtyard garden to life, as well as creating a striking balance and flow between interior and exterior spaces.

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home automation and control systems

home automation and control systems

Everything at your Fingertips

Residential and commercial clients alike are increasingly requesting, and indeed expecting, innovative lighting, communication and smart home electronics as part of their design concept. We can advise on and incorporate a range of technologies into both interior and exterior designs, allowing you to control your home’s lighting, audio-visual, climate and security systems from wherever you are in the world.


"The team are particularly skilled in lighting ... providing some very exciting and innovative lighting ideas"

Mike Fitzgerald