Pfeiffer Design’s Top Interior Trends of 2023


It’s a new year and how is it March already?! It’s an exciting time for change, inspiration and momentum, and with 2022 being a tentative one to say the least, we at Pfeiffer Design are looking towards the new year with bright eyes and enthusiasm for the possibilities that lay ahead.

Last year, with post-pandemic life becoming the new normal, we saw an array of trends all geared towards cosy living; and while we think this is here to stay, 2023 is dragging bold individualism into frame. Soft furnishings, paired with bright but warm colour palettes, will set the tone for this year’s trend forecast and sees us continue to take self-care into consideration when designing our homes and spaces.


We are so excited to see curves really taking the limelight, as this year sees the rebirth of soft edges over harsh lines, in our buildings and structures. With everything from arched windows to round-edged furnishings, there are so many ways to bring fluidity over rigidity into your home, while keeping your personal style intact.

Let’s start structural. Stunning arched windows and doors, curved doorways or archways, beautiful moulding or sweeping partition walls, curves are really bringing the wow factor this year and we expect to see lots of interesting architectural work which empowers smooth lines. If you’re lucky enough to already have arched features in your home, embrace them! If not, they are an incredible addition to any major project if your budget and design allows.

Take, for example, this gorgeous Regency Townhouse in East Sussex which boasted a remarkable amount of beautifully curved period features. In our brief, it was important to the client that these be incorporated timelessly into the new interior concept, retaining as much of the period features as we were able to.

If you’re looking to incorporate this trend in a less intrusive manner, there are a multitude of options. From the fluted detail on the upholstered wall and footstools, to the curved pelmet in this stunning Home Cinema room we designed, this space really epitomises a subtle use of curves to create a sense of warmth and cosiness.


While many pandemic trends fell quickly out of fashion, comfort-core is still going strong in 2023. Looking to the new year, we expect this trend to align itself with the comeback of minimalism, but with a soft edge to it. Calming textures, rounded shapes and warm neutral tones are all on trend and this year sees us continue to push for ultimate serenity, particularly in our bedrooms and living spaces.

This beautiful second home project, that Pfeiffer Design was engaged on, completely encapsulates the cocooning trend to its fullest. Our Netherlands-based clients wanted a contemporary, yet relaxing, home away from home for them to use on work visits to the UK. Employing complementary neutrals, mixed fabrics and a warm, cosy lighting scheme, this new build apartment has been elevated to a restful and inviting space, lending itself to both work and play.

Life in Colour

Okay okay, I know we’ve just discussed minimalism but hear me out! Finally, we’re at a point where we can host again; We can say goodbye to the purely comforting and indulgent stylings of lockdowns gone by and give ourselves a good kick of personality. Whether it’s the kitchen, dining or living room, this year will be all about the communal spaces in our homes, inviting guests in and debuting your unique personal style.

Pfeiffer Design is all about bringing our clients’ ideas to life: We are here to nurture your vision, delivering it into glorious technicolour! The projects featured above are all testaments to the creativity of our clients and we thoroughly enjoyed actualising their strong senses of personal style in their homes. From this beautifully scalloped kitchen, designed with the client’s love of turquoise and proximity to the sea in mind, to this eclectic home, inspired by their impressive collection of mid-century art and furniture, Pfeiffer Design puts your personality at the forefront of our design process.

Little Luxuries

This year, luxury is manifesting itself in the small spaces of our homes. Be it “chocolate-box” laundry rooms, turning your bathroom into a “spathroom” or updating one of your spaces to your favourite hobby, we’re expecting to see increased importance on the functionality of one’s home, and how these small but influential spaces can provide a sense of serenity to our everyday lives.

Giving the mundane a new lease on life, from libraries to pantries to listening rooms, Pfeiffer Design has seen it and designed it all. And from our experience, these spaces should be completely personal to you, and as such, should function in line with your exact requirements. Pfeiffer Design works with expert local craft people including joiners, upholsterers, furniture makers, metalworkers, lighting makers, stone merchants and many more providing you with absolute freedom when it comes to creating your bespoke space.

Brown is the New Black

While the moody aesthetic is still very much in vogue, interiors this year are taking a subtle turn for the warm; And brown is the plat du jour! While it’s nothing revolutionary, as 2022 saw an abundance of rich browns featured in the 60s and 70s design trends, we are seeing a much darker version permeating the interior scenes this year.

Drifting away from cold or stark tones in our dark spaces, palettes are looking to add depth and dimension to lounges and cosy spaces through its use of colour, and this is exactly what we aimed to achieve in our projects. Now I know we’ve already looked at this beautiful Home Cinema project further up, but now I want you to really look. Marinate in those brown tones, feel the sense of comfort, the warmth of the lighting concept and really delve into how the use of brown has completely shifted the mood in this room to a gentle and inviting space.

Even this dark corridor has had a little lift with a clever use of browns; Instead of cold black walls, we opted for a deep brown to complement the cosy tone of the apartment and bring warmth back to the darker spaces in our homes.

Look out for dark earthy tones to create a calming and subtly cosy atmosphere, and a reintroduction of modern gothic and dark academia trends made popular during the 2020s.

Biophilia (Love of Plants)

Never fear! Everyone’s favourite lockdown personality isn’t going anywhere as 2023 sets to continue our love for all things green and growing.

But Biophilic design is shifting; This trend has become so much more than simply placing a few house plants around the home and calling it a day. We are now talking about materials, sustainability as well as incorporating natural elements (water, air and light) into our finalised designs. Nature is really taking over on all levels this year!

At Pfeiffer Design we always consider your outdoor surroundings as an integral part of your overall design concept, ensuring a seamless connection is made with the interior space. Taking account of landscape is key to ensuring that the area and light in your home is optimised to deliver the most out of each room. Along with Pfeiffer Design’s Landscape Design service, we can create a space that feels coherent throughout.

Sustainable Living: Reclaimed Vintage at the Gorgeous Victorian Home in the Heart of the Countryside

Sustainable living

Sustainability – it can mean so many things in a design space. From materials to slow furniture, this year it’s all about the environmentally conscious designer. And Pfeiffer Design is on the cutting edge having recently won the Anna Whitehead Prize for Sustainable Design from the British Institute of Interior Designer (BIID). Read more about our Sustainability Efforts Here.

Quite excitingly, this year the interiors industry is on the precipice of shifting how we select materials for our homes. New sustainable materials, such as mushroom and pineapple leathers, are gaining in popularity within the fashion industry, and we are certain that this will have wide reaching applications in both interior design as well as many other industries. We are excited to see the new options emerging over the next few years and the possibilities this will create for our clients.

Aside from the very new and cutting edge, sustainability also means making do with what you’ve got. And whether that’s incorporating vintage and pre-loved pieces into your design scheme or salvaging materials and fixtures from the original structure, Pfeiffer Design is able to meet any requirements you may have. From our brilliant local upholsterers to joiners and metalworkers, we have a craftsperson to suit all your reclaiming needs.

See some of our work transforming beautiful vintage pieces through our bespoke reupholstery package. From design classics, such as the beautiful chairs by Jindřich Halabala above, to sofas, headboards and ottomans, we love to see a timeless antique get a new lease on life. And with an unlimited supply of fabrics, threads and trims, the sky really is the limit!

So it’s all or nothing this year with both minimalism and maximalism on the cards for 2023. Warm neutrals or bold colour, wherever your style lies, Pfeiffer Design is here to help you make your concept a reality.

If you are thinking of undertaking a major project in need of one of our expert interior designers, please reach out!


By Lesley Seiderer
9th March 2023

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