Supplier Focus: Rothschild & Bickers


One of our closest and most trusted suppliers, Rothschild & Bickers create bespoke handblown glass lighting from their U.K-based studio. We have utilised their lighting solutions in many of our most unique and attention-grabbing projects.

Founded in 2007 by Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers, Rothschild & Bickers have become renowned for their unique, sophisticated designs. Their lighting installations have made their way into many high-end boutique hotels and restaurants, and into some of the U.K’s chicest homes. Every design is hand designed and blown using traditional techniques, drawing on contemporary trends and styles, resulting in the highest quality cutting edge designs.


Why We Choose Rothschild & Bickers in Our Interior Design

Fully handmade production allows for experimentation and a truly bespoke finish. Rothschild & Bickers take inspiration from traditional techniques and practices, while applying contemporary styles and groundbreaking trends to everything they create. A true passion for craftsmanship and the highest quality materials ensures that every Rothschild & Bickers light is meticulously designed and made to the highest quality, whilst allowing for the natural qualities of glass to shine through, thus ensuring that every product is truly unique.

As well as their range of signature products, Rothschild & Bickers offer a fully bespoke service for a truly customisable lighting feature. At Pfeiffer Design, we work closely with the team at R&B and are able to design and produce anything from a fully bespoke chandelier feature, to small batch production (i.e. for restaurants and boutique hotels or shop fittings). If you are looking for that show-stopping modern chandelier lighting feature over a staircase, Pfeiffer Design will work closely with Rothschild & Bickers to bring your vision to life.

Rothschild & Bickers have an enormous range of beautiful lighting options, thus our experience and expertise using their products proves hugely beneficial to our clients. We are able not only to chose the best possible option for each individual project, but also ensure that every choice made is within budget, without compromise. Our positive working relationship means that the client benefits not only from the workmanship of Rothschild & Bickers, but also from our professional eye and ability to design and recommend the most effective lighting solution, tailored to your specific project.

At Pfeiffer Design, we have a¬†longstanding and warm working relationship with Rothschild and Bickers, resulting in a truly symbiotic partnership and one that, ultimately, is hugely beneficial for our clients. We respect and admire R&B’s dedication to meticulous craftsmanship and design, and have utilised their lighting solutions in all of our favourite and most distinctive projects.

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