Interior Design trends we like in 2018

We’re not just a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’ as the Kinks once sang.  We prefer to listen intently to our clients and get an understanding of their requirements and tailor our designs to their needs and desires, and what’s inspiring them.

However, we keep a keen eye on trends, always looking for new and inventive ways of doing things.  Here are some of the latest design trends that we love and have used in our projects.


Pastels are huge this year with soft hues of pink and green being particularly popular. Check out Dulux colour of the year – “Heartswood” – which is also stealing our hearts at Pfeiffer Design!


A rich and vibrant, botanical colour palette, paired with indulgent velvet fabrics and organic materials…. all makes for a stunning concept – and we think this look will be big this year.

We particularly love the mix of the distressed rug, velvet green sofa and soft pink hues. This one we have shared with a client.


Velvet was a hot favourite last year, but this year the trend is set to stay.  Velvet is woven on a special loom that weaves two thicknesses of the material at the same time. The two pieces are then cut apart to create the pile effect, and the two lengths of fabric are wound on separate take-up rolls. This complicated process means that velvet was expensive to make before industrial power looms became available, and well-made velvet remains a fairly costly fabric.

Here we adorn a Victorian rectory will sumptuous velvet soft furnishings and upholstery, creating a glamorous yet inviting space.


Copper was massive last year and we featured it in a few of our projects (see our projects)- it pairs very nicely with midnight blue to create a stunning contrast.  This year pale gold and antique brass is set to make a come back and gives more of a warm glow and a sense of antiquity – it’s especially stunning against a darker backdrop.

We love this French antique brass mirror from the South of France, and these stunning antique pendant lights from Ruby Watts


From parquet floors to tiling, herringbone adds character, charm and interest.  Geometric shapes and designs are very popular in tiling, flooring and furniture.

Large diagonal wooden squares known as parquet de Versailles were first made in 1684 as parquet de menuiserie (“woodwork parquet”).  These were used to replace the marble flooring that required constant washing, which tended to rot the joists beneath the floors.


We saw these stunning alabaster lights at Decorex last year and as we all fell in love with them.


It used to be that one colour kitchens were the epitome of modern living but now, we’re getting used to mixing things up a bit with different coloured units – with the island often being a different colour to the other units.  We are also seeing developments in new, more economical materials being used in kitchens such as marble effect quartz.


Also found at Decorex were these mint green Munna design chair – we adore the split shaped back – and can’t wait to incorporate them, and similar into a design concept soon!


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