The Pfeiffer Design Collection

Making the Possibilities Endless

We are proud to introduce the Pfeiffer Design Collection

Our latest venture in all things bespoke furniture, The Pfeiffer Design Collection is our ever-growing and meticulously cultivated custom furniture range, purpose designed for our Studio in East Sussex. Inclusive of our current favourite design statements, including unusual furniture shapes, out-of-the-norm sizing, contemporary textiles and a wide variety of fillings, the Collection showcases what made to measure furniture at Pfeiffer Design can really be. We’ve also recently added vintage classics to the Collection, re-invented and reimagined through our sustainable re-upholstery package.

Burnt orange velvet bespoke made chairs


Bar Stools

Bar-height? Counter-height? Bespoke!

The latest in stools is all about what height we want them to be. From counter-height to bar-height to completely bespoke, the variations are endless and actually bear quite an impact on how you use them day-to-day. Bar-height counters are usually sat around 105 cm off ground level, whereas counter-height are sat around 90 cm. The major difference comes from the extra leg length that bar-height stools offer, which allows for a minimal difference between your natural sitting and standing positions, perfect for the entertainers among us. A lower counter-height stool, on the other hand, is more practical for breakfast bars and eating spaces, so it is important to consider how you will be using each room to determine the perfect seating height.

These curve back, bar-height stools were built completely bespoke for our dual-height Studio kitchen, based in the heart of Sussex. The whole Pfeiffer Design team got involved to test them, ensuring they were ergonomic to both sit on as well as comfortable to fit under the raised countertop, which is sat at 100 cm. We also specified this beautiful velvet upholstery fabric, the chic button detail on the profile as well as the leg colour, shape and style.

Getting the perfect height stool is such an art form and at Pfeiffer Design we can help guide you through the process. From the perfect height to the most comfortable fillings, bespoke furniture is all about getting it right for both you and the environment it will be in.












Sofas and Armchairs

Comfort is Key

From the most outrageous armchair to your everyday dining set, at Pfeiffer Design comfort is always top priority. And this armchair was no exception! Designed with fun in mind, we specified everything from fabric and fillings all the way down to the iconic, asymmetric frame. Starting from our CAD drawings, we outlined the desired shape, including all sizing dimensions, for our local upholsterer and furniture maker.

We then got to specifying the fabric and filling type, opting for a fun and contemporary pattern in a natural linen for the perfect juxtaposition between modern shaping and organic textiles. Even the muted tones of the print serve to enhance this playful contrast of old and new. For the filling, we decided on a foam centre wrapped in a feather outer layer, enabling the perfect balance between softness, recovery, support and shape for the ultimate luxury sitting experience.

It is incredibly important to us at Pfeiffer Design that every piece that leaves our workshop is perfectly formed to provide for maximum levels of comfort. As such, Pfeiffer Design offers a wide range of upholstery fillings including feather, fibre and foam, all designed to suit particular pieces of furniture, and your own preferences. Read more about our bespoke furniture service including the fillings and materials that Pfeiffer Design offers here.










Re-Upholstery Service

Bringing Timeless Classics into the Now

At Pfeiffer Design, we are conscious of our environmental impact and know that our clients are too. Re-upholstery is an excellent way to add personality and life to a project while still keeping up with your sustainability efforts. To showcase how Pfeiffer Design makes eco-consciousness chic, we have added re-upholstery options to the Pfeiffer Design Collection. This beautiful Jindřich Halabala is a great example of giving a timeless classic a new lease on life with contemporary textiles, a new filling and complimentary soft furnishings.

If you have a well-loved but completely functional piece of furniture that doesn’t match your interior scheme, or just feel like it’s seen better days, talk to us about our in-house re-upholstery service. We can take any item of furniture and make it as good as new, or totally transform it to fit with your home’s new look.

We make re-upholstery easy with our complete package, which includes everything from the design consultation, to transportation to and from our workshop, to delivering it back safe and sound and completely refreshed; we also provide a full aftersales service for your peace of mind. Read more about our full and comprehensive upholstery service here.