2020 Interior Design Trends


The new year (and decade!) is upon us, and with it the inevitable wave of trend forecasts for 2020 and beyond. At Pfeiffer Design, we pride ourselves on being trend aware, whilst retaining our own unique stamp and individuality as a design studio. Our clients not only rely on our knowledge of contemporary trends, but also our ability to make these trends really work for them within their home and alongside enduring classical and timeless design. It’s important as interior designers that we advise our clients whether a trend will last, or require updating within a few short years. Bear in mind, paint colours, cushions, bedding and table/floor lamps and even ironmongery are or can be fairly straightforward and relatively inexpensive things to update, whereas larger furniture items, curtains, blinds, cabinetry, fixed lighting and flooring can be costly and time consuming to replace, so we always recommend our clients opt for styles and colours that will stand the test of time.

By keeping the more permanent aspects of your home timeless and classic, incorporating selected trends in small, manageable ways, you’ll end up with a final design that not only stands the test of time, but always feels fresh and on-trend as well. That being said, here is our edit of the Top 5 interior design trends to look out for in 2020.

Climate Change is on everyone’s mind and there’s no doubt this acute awareness has filtered down into every aspect of our lives. As consumers, we are prioritising natural fibres and fabrics when it comes to interiors – the big fabric houses taking notice and all frantically competing to release the most sustainable fabrics possible, utilising recycled plastics and materials. We’re also noticing a huge shift towards vintage furniture, upcycling, re-upholstering and curating a truly unique interior in the home by utilising found items already in existence. This in turn will lead to our homes becoming more individual as we search for creative ways to express ourselves, rather than simply buying off the peg.

New Monochrome
Rather than the stark black and white of Modernist monochrome schemes past, this new take on a minimal Scandinavian-inspired interior involves varying shades of greige and neutral rust tones; the focus being on creating interest and nuance through various textures with a strong focus on matt, rather than glossy, surfaces. In order to create this pared back feel in your home, look to incorporating varying tones of warm beige and rich terracotta tones with dried grasses and just a touch of understated luxe in the form of vases and unglazed ceramics.


Curvaceous/Cocooning Styles
Gone are the days of structured, upright and utilitarian mid-century style seating, 2020 has given rise to a more glamorous and enveloping shape, swinging 60s style, when it comes to chairs and sofas. Expect to see a rise in oversized, glamorously curved sofas creating a snug cocoon in which to relax, and high-backed armchairs that add a glamorous touch to even the simplest of spaces.

Globe/Opal Lighting
2019 saw an explosion of Art-Deco influence when it comes to interior design and it looks like the trend isn’t going anywhere. Designers are moving away from faux-industrial inspired naked Edison-style pendant lighting towards something with a touch more opulence and femininity. Delicate frosted glass and opal shades not only lend a sense of glamour and sophistication to a scheme, but also project a more subtle, diffused light than their utilitarian predecessors.

Another Art-Deco inspired trend, fluting is set to make a huge impact in our homes in 2020. High street stores have already hopped on this trend with vigour, meaning fluted textures can be found on anything from glassware and vases, to doors, lighting, sideboards and even mouldings. Fluted panels situated within joinery can add an interesting dimension, bouncing light around the room whilst offering privacy, depth and a sense of intrigue.

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