COVID-19 Update

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to let all our existing and potential clients know that Pfeiffer Design remains open for business. We are currently offering flexible initial and ongoing project appointments and consultations – whether that be via phone call, email or video call/face time.

As a small business, we are carefully monitoring and adhering to all governmental, NHS and WHO updates as and when they are announced and, until stated otherwise, we will continue to operate in as normal a capacity as we possibly can. Our designers are all currently working from home, but have access to our server and design software, as well as continued virtual contact and communication with one another.

We appreciate it is our responsibility as a business to play our part in minimising the spread of the virus, which is why we have taken all necessary steps to preserve the health of our staff, colleagues and clients.

Our team have responded to the situation so far in the following manner:

  • We have followed all the recommended U.K government and scientific guidelines in terms of reducing the risk of infection including via social distancing, appropriate hygiene measures and utilisation of PPE
  • We are offering initial/ongoing project appointments to our clients via various means (phone, video call or email) in order to abide by social distancing rules and guidelines
  • We have minimised contact between our designers and clients as much as possible in order to reduce the likelihood of cross infection, and flatten the curve

Should our stance change as the outbreak progresses, we will update this page. However, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns, questions or queries in the meantime.

As a small business, Pfeiffer Design will continue working on new and existing projects to the best of our ability, and in order to maintain as little disruption to your projects as possible in this difficult time. It is important for us to not only keep our designers busy and employed, but to ensure that we deliver on our promises to our clients regardless of circumstance, whilst keeping all parties as safe as possible and adhering to UK government, NHS and WHO guidelines and regulations.